Dispersal Zone

20151004-nuitblancheIMG_8574LR.jpg        20151003-nuitblancheDSC00398LR.jpg

10 Existing street lamps modified with mixed media and smoke machines.

Dispersal Zone occupied the 1 km length of Queens Quay East, Toronto, all the street lights are extinguished except for 10 modified lamps from which smoke billows.  Dispersal Zone changes dramatically hour by hour with the ever-shifting weather, the smoke drifting off in a plume, plunging and swirling on the wind or hanging illuminated in traffic lights this constantly shift work traces out the wind.

The perceptual effects of the smoke — including the ways in which it continuously reveals and conceals parts of the urban environment or makes invisible things, like the wind, visible — are reproduced here as a kind of performance.  Dispersal Zone blends a spectral theatricality with visions of civil unrest, military action, chemical warfare, the industrial revolution and belching pollution.

Dispersal Zone was commissioned for Nuit Blanche Toronto's "The work of wind" curated by Christine Shaw, also featuring works by;   Tomas Saraceno,  Heather & Ivan Morrison,  Robert Wysocki,  Marguerite Humeau,  Christof Migone,  Los Carpinteros,  Mary Mattingly,  Jon Sasaki,  Kika Thorne,  Carlos Amorales,  Charles Stankievech and Anandam Dance Theatre.