WTWB is an ongoing project to develop a self-sailing vessel which responds rapidly to shifts in wind direction.  The artist will ultimately make a journey from the centre of a large lake, with no way to steer, he will travel completely at the mercy of the wind until the shore is reached.  The

Project was initially presented in the form of conceptual drawings, plans and small scale models.

WTWB Prototype V2 is a two thirds scale, working prototype of the vessel, which also acts as a sculpture, a work in it's own right, a physical manifestation of the notion of drifting, driven by external forces over which one has no control, as well as being a vehicle of potential, for a voyage of unknown duration and destination.


WTWB PV2 - Maiden Voyage,  Hestercombe Gardens,  2017

WTWB_IMG_2186.jpg       WTWB_TIM KNOWLES EXH 06 Photo JE_LR.jpg

WTWB PV2 - installation view,  Hestercombe House Gallery,  2017