Glacial Creep - Tasman Glacier Walk


Glacial Creep records a journey taken down the Tasman Glacier in New Zealand. As with Mungo Bush Walk the journey is recorded by a specially adapted camera rig with a digital pinhole that the artist wears. The camera takes a continuous sequence of long exposure, pinhole photographs, that, in an uncomposed way capture the surrounding scenery, travelling from the mountain top peaks, to the wide open, white expanses of ice fields, through shattered ice falls, and finally on to the darker moraine fields.

The sequence of stills has been rendered into a slowly shifting film exhibited as a large immersive installation and also in the form of prints from the sequence.

Glacial Creep was commissioned COCA Christchurch, New Zealand for the exhibition Precarious Nature. 

TGW-1994_LR.jpg     TGW-2550_LR.jpg     TGW-9800_8101_LR.jpg