Ink on Paper Landscape

A body of work tracing the path of ink as it flows over folded, curled or crumpled paper.


Ink on Paper Landscape series explores the interaction between fluids and solid form. A given amount of black ink is released to flow down ten identically folded paper forms. The paper structure traps, channels, pools and splits the flow as gravity directs its path over the paper. Despite the similarity of the folds in the paper, the quantity of ink and the gradient at which the structure is inclined each drawing is unique.

These apparently simple drawings are the result of a complex number of influencing factors. Although clearly different in form and medium, this series closely relates to the Path of Least Resistance which traced the paths of people walking as if they were water running off the land, downhill to the sea. Here the paper is treated as a landscape and the force of gravity, fluid dynamics and surface tension all act upon the ink to determine its path through the paper landscape.