Kielder Forest Walk

Following 2 compasses the artist walked in as straight a line as possible through Kielder Forest, the largest coniferous forest in England, passing through areas of varying ages [1926 - 2012] with a variety of densities, canopy height and species. At times dense and almost impassable, at other times uniform and monotonous in every direction. Sections of wind damage, a tangled mess of fallen tree trunks and areas of majestic ancient forest carpeted in moss are all captured on video and over 6000 still images as he steadily move forward through the forest.


Kielder Forest Walk - An Attempt to walk in a straight line through the forest for 8hrs.

8hr single channel HD video, large scale inkjet prints & mixed media.

[installation - dimensions variable]


KFW_PS_0484LR.jpg    KFW_PS_mark1120_0499LR.jpg    KFW_PS_End1749_0583LR.jpg

Kielder Forest Walk was commissioned by VARC and Kielder Art and Architecture with the generous support of the Forestry Commission.  Presented at Kielder Castle Gallery as an 8hr continuous film is shown throughout the day, alongside large prints of a selection of the captured images.