Waterwalk - Path of Least Resistance

Highgreen 2013

Wall drawing, C-Type prints and mixed media objects
Dimensions variable
Path of Least Resistance
acted as a mechanism to dictate people's routes, walking in an unknown, uncharted way.  Whilst the starting points and the finish were known, the route was directed by a set of rules and the landscape itself.

Participants walked as if they were water running off the land, trying to find its way down to the sea pulled by gravity. Departing from different starting points along the valley's watershed, set out equally and marked with numbered flags. Initially the walkers took their own diverse paths of least resistance, steadily working their way downhill. However as the walk developed they dropped into the same folds in the landscape, joining in various valleys, following streams downhill until they all meet at the finish point - the confluence of the two rivers marked with further flags.


Each individual carried a GPS logger that recorded their path. This data was then used to create a drawing built up of the multiple tracks, revealing the nature of the landscape and the participants adherence to the rules.


Path of Least Resistance was Commissioned by VARC as part of Art-Walking.